REVAL 182 is pilot-controlled pressure regulator for medium and low pressure.
REVAL 182 is a "fail to close" regulator i.e. it closes in following conditions:

breakage of main diaphragm;
breakage of pilot diaphragm/s;
lack of feeding to the pilot loop.
These regulators are suitable for use with previously filtered, non corrosive gases.


Design pressure: up to 19.2 bar
Operating temperature: -10C +60C (lower and upper temperature available on request).
Ambient temperature: -20C +60C.
Range of inlet pressure bpe: 0.5 to 16 bar.
Range of outlet pressure Wh: 6 to 12000 mbar (depending on installed pilot).
Minimum working differential pressure: 100 mbar.
Accuracy class RG: up to 2.5.
Closing pressure class SG: up to 5.
Available size DN: 1" - 1" - 2" - 2" - 3" - 4" - 6" - 8".
Flanging: class 150 RF according to ANSI B16.5 and PN16 according to UNI 2282 or DIN 2633.
Modular design of pressure regulators REVAL 182 allows application of an emergency monitor "fail to close" PM 182 or a slam shut and silencer on the same body without changing the face-to-face dimension also after the installation of regulator.
Furthermore "top entry design" allow an easy periodical maintenance without removing body from pipeline.

- Pilots
REVAL 182 regulators are equipped with pilot series P90 and 200 as below listed:
- P90 set pressure range Wh = 6 to 270 mbar
- P92 set pressure range Wh = 260 to 1100 mbar
- P94 set pressure range Wh = 1 to 6 bar
- 204/A set pressure range Wh = 0.3 to 12 bar
These pilots are designed to with stand the design pressure of the regulator.
Pilot P90 series are completed with an adjustable built-in preregulator RR40 (setting range of pilot feeding pressure Pep = 0.11 to 8.6 bar).
Pilot 204/A requires a separate preregulator; below listed models are available:
- R14: not adjustable; the feeding pressure to pilot is self increased;
- R33: with adjustable set point (Pep: 0.1 to 14 bar).
All preregulators are equipped with an upstream filter.

- Accessory
Pilot system may be completed with below listed accessory:
- supplementary filter CF14
- deydrator filter
- manual clock command system (P90 only)
- battery clock command system (intrinsecally safe application, P90 only)
- pneumatic command system
- devices for flow limitation.

This device permits a considerable reduction in the level of noise produced by the gas pressure reducing whenever it may be a problem because of particular conditions.
The REVAL 182 pressure regulator can be supplied with an incorporated silencer in both the standard version, or with slam shut or with emergency monitor.
The incorporated-silencer model, like the one with the emergency monitor or slam shut, has the advantage that it can be fitted to any REVAL 182 already installed without needing to alter the piping.
With built-in silencer the Cg valve coefficient is only slightly lower than the corresponding version without silencer.
The pressure reduction and adjustment method is the same as for the normal regulator.

Model with incorporated silencer

The monitor is an emergency regulator which comes into operation if main regulator allows downstream pressure to increase up to monitor set pressure.
To fulfil these requirements two alternative solutions may be introduced: an incorporated monitor or an inline monitor.

In this case the emergency regulator (monitor) is directly assembled to the body of main regulator.

Model with incorporated monitor

Both pressure regulators, therefore, use same valve body but:
- they are governed by two different pilots and by separate control heads
- they operate on different valve seats.
The Cg/KG coefficients of the system composed by:
- REVAL 182;
- PM 182 incorporated monitor are approximately 95% of standard REVAL 182 coefficients.
A big advantage of described solution is that application of the PM 182 incorporated monitor can be done on a standard REVAL 182 already installed, without any alternations to the pipeline.

In this solution, the monitor is installed upstream main regulator and it is identical to the main regulator.

When as monitor the regulator REVAL 182 or incorporated monitor PM 182 are used, the response time of monitor, due to faulty operation of main regulator, can be accelerated by installing an accelerator on the emergency regulator.
Based on downstream pressure signal, this device exhausts gas from monitor motorization chamber allowing a more rapid intervention of monitor: accelerator setting must be higher than monitor's one.
Two types are available:
- M/B pressure set range Who: 15 to 600 mbar
- M/A pressure set range starting from 0.55 bar.

This device immediately stops gas flow (SAV) if downstream pressure rises up its pressure set. This device can also be activated pressing a push button.

VB 93 and SB 82 slam shut can be incorporated on monitor or on main REVAL 182 regulator.
The Cg/KG coefficients of the system composed by pressure regulator and incorporated slam shut are about 95% of standard REVAL 182 coefficients.
Application of the slam shut can be done to the REVAL 182 regulators already installed without any alternations to the pipeline.
Main characteristics of this device are:
Design pressure: 19.2 bar for all parts.
Accuracy: (AG) 1% on the value of the pressure setting for pressure increasing and 5% for pressure decreasing.
Balanced plug (for VB 93) which allow manual resetting without need of by-pass in any working condition.
Internal by-pass for SB 82 activated by re-setting lever.
Intervention on pressure increase and/or decrease.
Manual push-button control.
Option for pneumatic or electromagnetic remote control.
Small overall size.
Easy maintenance.
Possibility of application of devices for intervention remote signal (contact switches or proximity switches).

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