2 Way flabged ball valve from ingot, polished, stainless steel AISI 304-316, full bore, with actuator


3L.P. GAS productive range springs as logic outcome of a manufacturing culture that, strongly trended at the customer satisfaction, has constantly followed the market evolution.
25 Year spent in machining, warrant us of reliance and safety, obtained through high developed technological sources, and of the plus of a competitive price.
In this way our challenge develops on ambitious bases: the rack & pinion pneumatic actuators, wich are manufactured and tested using machines suitable for high performances.

3 Way ball valve, investment casted, in stainless steel AISI 316, threaded F/F/F reduced bore, with actuator

The products is obviously the synthesis of our choices, matured on the improvement base of the option already available for the use (user).
3L.P. GAS furthermore "assures" an efficient service for the supply of accessories and control systems.
The delivery is till now forecasted in very short time. Hereinafter you will find all the needed technical information, it will be a pleasure to become you supplier and a further incentive to acquire your consideration.


The actuator are of the rack and pinion design.
The body is manufactured from extruded aluminium (ASTM6063) a hard anodised surface treatment (UNI7796 norm) gives protection against corrosive environments (DIN50021).
The stell pinion is nickel plated to protect against corrosive environments.

Wafer split full bore flanged ball valve, stainless steel AISI 316, Fire Safe, Antistatic Device, with actuator

2 way brass with chrome plated ball, seals in PTFE+VITON, threaded F/F, NP40, with actuator

Precision machining of internal parts assure a minimum wall friction improve the actuator life and efficiency.
Ends cups are made of die cast aluminium (UNI5076) norm fluorine-titanization (nontoxic treatment). Polyester paint finish for corrosion protection to DIN50021 the end caps are secured to the actuator body with stainless stell screws.

The die cast aluminium pistons (UNI5076 norm) incorporate self lubricating guides to minimize self-friction.
Internal seals of NBR70 (ASTM D2000) as standard suitable for temperatures from 20 centigrade to +85 centrigrade. For higher temperatures up to 150 centigrade Viton seals are available.

2 Way flanged ball valve, cast iron GGG40 with chrome plated ball, VENTURI metric bore, gas approved as per DIN DVGW standard (gauge in compliance with DIN 3202-F4), with actuator

3 Way brass ball valve CW 617N, seals in PTFE+VITON, threaded F/F/F, full bore, T or L port, with actuator

All actuators rotate through 90 and can be adjusted + or - 10 at each end of rotation. Available double mechanic indipendent adjustment +/-10.
Double acting and single acting versions have the same overall dimensions.
Lubricated for life.
Maximum operating pressure 10 bar filtered dry or lubricated compressed air.

Mounting brackets and valve interface blocks designed in accordance with ISO5211/DIN3337. Separate solenoid pilot valve mounting to Namur specification (3/5 way solenoid valve).
Options available:
1) various valve type with actuator fitted;
2) actuators (with and without mounting brackets);
3) various accessories including electrical and pneumatic fittings, positioners and limit switches.

3 Way flanged polished ball valve from ingot, stainless steel AISI 304, full bore, T or L port, with actuator

3 Way polished ball valve, from ingot, stainless steel AISI 316, threaded F/F/F, full bore, T or L port, with actuator